The Old English Goat Society was formed in June 2004 by a group of English Goat breeders, who recognised that two types persisted within the breed. The group wanted to research the smaller, shaggier, hardy and multi-purpose type with a more modest milk yield, reminiscent of those that were common in the UK before most of the Swiss breeds were imported.

The Old English Goat Society has developed a breed standard appropriate to our understanding of the breed in its present form and of its history. We believe that there is an important niche for this low input/low output goat, both now and in the future.

The Old English Goat Society Aims

  • To promote the Old English Goat as a good all-round goat and to further knowledge of the breed, its history and future development.
  • To maintain a Herd Book to enable the registration of all goats which conform to the breed standard and regulations.
  • To publish annually an Old English Goat Register and Stud List.
  • To provide links between and bring together Old English Goat breeders in the UK so that issues concerned with the breed can be aired.
  • To produce a monthly newsletter.